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Nortec PD4000Ne 2-post lift

Over the 20 years of Nortec’s existence, the lift has undergone a number of modifications, as a result of which the current model has a solid and simple construction. Its advantages can be gathered in four arguments:

  • low threshold that does not exceed 25 mm. This allows you to easily lift a vehicle with a very low chassis, and also makes it easier to push the damaged car through the threshold.
  • standard equipment has a control box with a 230V electric socket and a pneumatic connector located on the column. Such solutions allow connecting a number of electrical devices. The pneumatic connector placed directly on the column can be used for vulcanization work, allowing the use of a pressure gauge gun or a pneumatic wrench.
  • the lift trucks have asymmetrical 2 and 3 part arms with dimensions of 800 – 1500 mm in the case of 3-part and 2-part 730-1100 mm. This allows you to lift not only passenger cars, but also vans (load capacity up to 4 tons).
  • the use of rubber pads on the trolley and shoulders protects the body against scratches or dents.

The new version of PD4000Ne will be presented at the June TTM 2020 fair in Poznań.


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